colléction noir

The process developed in-house at the Bern university of wood technology in Biel/Bienne makes it possible to color beech wood in shades of gray throughout the entire cross-section. fagusnoir helps Europe's most common deciduous tree to achieve greater added value in a sustainable way. The novel wood modification with natural substances makes the wood look as if it has grown in this color. The furniture collection coincides with the current trends in interior design and furniture. The seating furniture convinces with playfulness in the material and simple geometries with consistent design.

Coloring process, 2021
         The coloring process was developed at the Bern university of wood technology. Solid beech wood is impregnated with an iron and tannin solution in an autoclave. The two substances form a chemical reaction in the wood and color it dark gray - as if the wood had grown in this color.

Der Stuhl, 2021
       One of the most used furniture is a chair.This chair can be used in many ways. The clear geometric shapes makes it look elegant and with clarity in any perspective. Due to the box-like structure it is easy to handle and can easily be combined with other pieces of furniture. Especially the connection in the front corners is remarkable in appearance and purpose. The chair defines a norm for the shape of all further designs.

Der Hocker, 2021
       It functions as a side table to the chair and can also serve as a stool. It can be used as a work stool, bathroom stool, bar stool or piano stool. In natural beech it is shown in a stackable version. It can be used elegantly as a side table next to an armchair or as a bedside table. In the different dimensions it always keeps the proportions. In the version fagusnoir the seat height is the same as in the chair. The stool takes up little space and is loadable.

Die Bank, 2021
      It stands discreetly yet majestically. Can make an impression on its own and keep a low profile in an ensemble.The bench has a light stature, yet is sturdy enough for two people. It is the only piece of furniture in the series with asymmetrical elements. The armrest, which is placed only on the left side, gives it an additional value. It is combined colored fagusnoir beech and natural beech. The design is enlivened and has an impressively organic effect.

Horgenglarus classic 1-380 x fagusnoir
       We would like to subject the fagusnoir material to an endurance test. For this purpose, we are working together with the company horgenglarus. The aim is to test the new material in the manufacturing process by passing it through the entire production up to the finished chair. The horgenglarus company is ideally suited for this, as it combines sawing, milling, bending, grinding, drilling, planing, steaming and drying processes. It is exemplary in areas of craftsmanship, domestic wood utilization and sustainable value chains. Thus, not only the technical depth of the company but also its mission statement, to which fagusnoir is close, is interesting for us.

arises from problems
of the value chain and in-
equalities of supply and demand 
of wood. It is an important contribution
to the sustainable use of resources. The
developed process promotes the cascade
use and thus the circular economy of wood.
If surface treatments can be replaced
with natural processes, this is in the
spirit of bioeconomic resource
awareness, education,
partnerships and collaborations.